Creativity is a personal function. I work day-to-day without waiting for inspiration before I start. Working to open the creative space of my character, which I believe is within every human being. When this space is opened, then a work of art is born or begins to be born. So, his repressed energy is released and my morale strengthens. My themes are anything I like to see. By painting it I try to feel it. When what I see and what I feel is logically and visually imprinted on the surface, then I have in front of me a work I like to see.  

Dimitris Michlis (1954 - 2019)  was born in Achna Famagusta. He studied at Saint Martin´s School of Art. After his studies he came to Limassol  where he joined  the "Collective Art Workshop" .   In 1986, he and Garth Frost created the shadow theater "The Leaping Lemon". He had presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. He lived in Tochni and Australia.