mary savva

A practice that focuses and develops around figurative painting.  

Exploring human nature and condition through the act of painting. 

The artist's recent works, explore ideas of home, culture, and identity in relation to landscape through imagery that derives or links to the place she grew up, and the place the work is created, London,  in trying to combine and re-appropriate them in a wider context. 

On the paintings, the subject is disconnected from the background landscape almost collaged on to it emphasizing the physical gap between the subject and a certain place. 

Some of the paintings depict Hellenistic sculptures that are currently placed in a different context (museum) in a different landscape than the one they were made in. 

They are lost and displaced from their original landscape and home; therefore, they are used to symbolize the artist herself and they become almost self-portraits.  Within the artist's practice, one can see the transition of images and artworks.  How a sculpture, that was originally made in Greece and destroyed was then reproduced in Italy and now exists as an exhibit in the British museum, could be then translated into contemporary paint.

Mary Savva graduated with honors from the University of Hertfordshire where she studied Fine Arts. She then completed her postgraduate studies at Slade School of Fine Art at University College London where she received a Master of Fine Art in Painting. Ms Savva has participated in group exhibitions in London and Cheongju, South Korea while exhibiting her work in solo exhibitions in South Korea and Limassol.


Oliveland is Mary's Savva first solo painting exhibition at Gloria Gallery. March 12 - April 3, 2020