Lolis Nikolaidis was born in Nicosia, studied dentistry in Athens and worked as a dental surgeon in Nicosia for 57 years. The story of his artistic career began at a very young age when, as a child, he was given his first watercolour casket. From that moment on, the colours and potential of the material came to him, and he began to work endlessly on discovering their magic and the effect they had on him.

During his undergraduate years at the Pancyprian Gymnasium and his subsequent years at the University of Athens, he was fortunate to have two notable teachers of professional painters, Adamantios Diamantis and Arthur Quintana.. His love for the art of watercolour prompted him to develop his talent and assisted and supported him with the questions he faced in the process of exploring the technique of watercolour.

At the end of his studies in 1954, and despite the demands and obligations of his dental profession, Lolis Nikolaidis devoted his spare time exclusively to the technique of watercolour, testing all modes and combinations of material with others, such as gouache, Chinese ink. and pencil. Of all the types of paintings, watercolour is a difficult genre, but for the artist it has always been a challenge and a stimulus for crea


Under the Mediterranean Sky by  Lolis Nicolaides is the 5th Watercolour solo exhibition of the self-taught artist at Gloria Gallery.  Dec 18, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020