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George Paphitis.  A journey: from scrap metal to sculpture.  December 7 - 22, 2018.   A collection of sculptures, the result of the experimentation of the artist with materials, textures, techniques and his inspiration from Greek mythology. Recyclable materials combine with engraving to produce his exploration of the 3-dimensional form.

Kiko Lanitis. STOP. January 9 -  27, 2019. What we consider to be intellect is nothing but a piece of knowledge that complicates (manipulates) the simple.

The intellect bursts out when vision is blurred.

Visionaries have nothing to do with minds and academics who have tools like minded ideas.

Art loves anonymity. If she stands out with bells and in various ways out loud, she deceives the world and herself. The stirring of art with ideas does not feed it, instead it oxidizes it and makes it useless as a means of resistance.

We decipher, move violently and kill every kind of life indiscriminately, and while the destruction of the planet and the disappearance of civilizations is obvious, no one shouts "STOP" because our vision is blind.

Workers of intellectuals in education, conferences and congresses will be consumed with something that has already died

Annita Lanitis. STOP. January 9 - 27, 2019.