Leonidas Spanos was born in the present-day occupied village of Agios Vassilios in 1955. With a state scholarship he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, 1976-1983, where he was taught by Professor Axmann. After completing his studies and having been awarded the title of Academic sculptor, he returns to Cyprus and settles in Dali (1983) where he lives and works until today.

Along with sculpture, Leonidas Spanos has devoted himself in recent years to traditional folk string instrument making. After many years he returns to the spotlight with a solo exhibition of his latest sculptures. This is his 9th solo exhibition at Gloria Gallery. His art work has been exhibited abroad, most recently at the Teloglion Foundation of The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 2016.

About the instrument craftsman

In the words of the musician Ross Daly : "Leonidas Spanos is a very unique instrument-maker. He is based on the island of Cyprus where he is well-known as a sculptor, even though he seems in recent years to devote almost all of his time to instrument making. Leonidas almost never makes two instruments the same and he is continuously experimenting with new designs and ideas.  His instruments are of a very high quality and it is absolutely essential for anyone interested to visit his workshop in the village of Dali on Cyprus and try all of them ".

8 Days of Parlor, 23', by Zoe Phylactidou  is a film  that participated in the 6th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. (22-23/03/2017).

8 Days of Parlor observes the work of academic sculptor Leonidas Spanos, based on the island of Cyprus where a parlor guitar is being made over a period of 8 days. The slow-paced film focuses on the art of making and the importance for the material to justify its own existence.


A Sculpture event by Leonidas Spanos at Gloria Gallery.   This is the artist's 9th solo exhibition at Gloria Gallery. Oct 3 - 23, 2018