“Experimentation with materials, textures, techniques and ideas is all through which I draw inspiration. I inspire and create many sculptures that many times may have nothing to do with each other. However, they share the biggest piece of my inspiration, Greek mythology. I am thrilled by the process of studying these myths and the deciphering of the moral lessons that are being judged, and I am even more excited by the accuracy with which these lessons are applied in modern times. Through my sculptures I try to bring back to the present times these lessons and values we have forgotten.”

George Paphitis was born in Ormskirk, England, 1988. He moved to Cyprus at the age of 3 and leaves and works in Dali, Cyprus. He obtained a BTEC HND from the University of Northampton (2015) and is a graduate of “Visual Arts” and “Fine and Applied Arts” from the Aigaia School of Art and Design, Nicosia, Cyprus (2016). He has participated in the Erasmus program as a student at the University of Bologna, Italy where he was exposed to Italian art and techniques and as a lecturer at the Escuela de Arte de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain where he also attended seminars on the techniques of stained glass, wall fresco and mosaic art.

His works explores the three dimensions and printing. Recyclable materials, mainly metals form the basis of his 'JunkArt' sculptures, while engraving also forms an important part of his work. 

He has participated in ten group exhibitions since 2015. His upcoming exhibition at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia “A journey: from scrap metal to sculpture” is his first solo exhibition.


A journey: from scrap metal to sculpture is a sculpture exhibition by George Paphitis at Gloria Gallery. December 7 - 22, 2018.